A101 Perakende

In each district, Turkey’s 81 provinces and 9,000 stores operating retail chain  A•101’s Antalya store is under the Protection of Duyar Pump. In the Antalya warehouse of A•101, which offers its customers low-priced, quality food and consumer products, DNP 80-250 End Suction 55 kW Electric motor, 1 main, 1 spare, 2 piece main fire pumps, and 1 jockey pump were used to eliminate installation leaks. The impellers of the pumps selected in accordance with NFPA 20 standards are provided with bronze casting and sealing is provided with soft packing.

In the statement made by Duyar Pump; ” We have been offering high quality, reliable and innovative products toTurkey’s largest and most important brands. We are continuing our R&D studies without interruption to offer more efficient products every day. ”