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Recruitment Policy

As Duyar Pump, we aim to bring in people who are in compliance with our human resources policy, who have the behavioral and professional knowledge, skills required for open positions in our organizational structure, who are innovative, open to team work and to constantly improve themselves.

Our recruitment process begins with the evaluation of applications submitted to our company electronically. Candidates with the competencies determined after the pre-selection on the CV are invited for job interviews. If needed, it is supported by different measurement and evaluation tools. Depending on the position, candidates are administered personality inventory and foreign language exams.

Ethical Codes

In the recruitment policy of Duyar Pompa, it adopts the principle of providing equal opportunities to people under equal conditions. All rights provided to employees are treated fairly. Training programs are carried out within the framework of the annual training plan.

Employees are informed about wage, career, education, health and similar issues, and opinions are compromised and they are effectively involved in the process. Relevant provisions of the labor law are applied and ethical values are taken into consideration in order to avoid discrimination among races, religions, languages and to protect against physical, mental abuse within the company.

I accept the accuracy of the information which is given in this form and undertake that I will inform you in writing of any changes that may occur over time within 10 days at the latest.
Otherwise, I accept and declare that the legal actions to be taken about me and the termination of my employment contract without compensation and notification if I have been hired.