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OPUS Frequency Controlled Circulation Pump

The wet rotor circulation pump has been produced by automatic power setting ECM technology with the options for threaded or flange connection.

OPUS Series wet rotor circulation pumps have a wide area of use on the heating, cooling and air conditioning systems. OPUS Pump guarantees highly efficient use and long operating life by sensing the requirements of the system thanks to minimum and optimal power consumption.

Although OPUS pumps are able to meet a flow rate of maximum Q: 60 m3/h and pressure values of Hm: 15 mSS conveniently, they also offer options for use of twin pumps.

Frequency convertor OPUS compares the pressure data on the suction and delivery lines and operates at the principle of differential pressure. It increases or reduces the speed of the variable revolution pump so that it may fix the differential pressure at the respective value which is set. The power that is drawn from the supply drops thanks to the pump revolution falling upon the decreasing pressure requirements. Power conservation is achieved upon a drop in the pump inlet power.