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Building Technology

Buildings and offices are provided with single-stage, multi-stage, end-suction, separable body fire pumps, hydrophores, expansion tanks, control panels and buildings ready for fire in line with national and global standards.

Industrial Facilities

In Industrial Facilities, fires are explosive and flammable. These explosions and glows are not only dangerous but also have the effect of transforming the fire place and its surroundings into disaster. Single-stage pumps and multi-stage high-pressure pumps in accordance with NFPA 20, TSE and CE standards are positioned in the facilities.

Energy Facilities

The energy sector, consisted of hazardous materials and which is very difficult to extinguish in case of any fire due to its scope, should be protected with well-planned fire response systems. The most effective implementation of fire protection systems, including detection, alarm and extinguishing functions, requires careful design and quality installation, as well as a good understanding of the processes in the facilities.

Gas & Oil Field Industry

The fuel and gas industry contains dangerous chemicals. The fire spreads rapidly and threatens a large area in a short time. Therefore, in order to prevent fire, the most effective application of fire pump systems at global and national standards, careful design and quality installation are required.